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“Mamanta” translated is the Tiwi word for “Friends”.

Be it in business or community, collaboration and positive purpose underpins all Mamanta relationships. The concept of working together as friends is a central feature of the Mamanta philosophy.

Living in the intersecting space between cultures has its’ own spontaneous rhythms, - meaning, it's stimulating and empowering one minute and frustratingly challenging the next.  

What some people might learn through harrowing statistics, we feel through lived experience. From the hardest knocks have come the deepest learning. By challenging the status quo - doors have opened and lead to our commitment of converting business success into positive social change.

We’ve been blessed with lives that have kept us closely connected to our ancestry, cultures, and countries.  By leaning on the learnings from our elders, living reconciliation values and daring to dream, Mamanta ventures perpetuate a strengths-based, culturally responsive approach that promotes participation of community toward positive social change, collective prosperity, respect & reciprocity.

By being globally minded citizens, we can role model best practices in all we do. We channel bigger picture
perspectives into locally focused empowerment… And by harnessing the energy of great relationships we move
forward together.

-Ngawurrayamangajirri Mamanta- Take care of one another as friends.  

Tammy and Tippa, 
Mamanta Co-founders.

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