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Mamanta, we are fortunate to align, collaborate & partner with great people and organisations, get in touch to connect.


Owner / Director / Dreamer / Actionist


Shane Tipuamantamerri, a Tiwi & Anmatjerre man, carrying on the values and traditions of his peoples.  Although Shane is probably better known as an award winning sportsperson, it is his passion for people and culture that are the elements that drive him forward.  Shane has invested his time mentoring youth through coordination of sport, well-being and culture programs.
He is a visionary for the betterment of Aboriginal communities and improving wellbeing outcomes.  Shane believes that positive relationships are key to success, with broad networks connecting throughout remote communities and wider Australia.


Owner / Director / Dreamer / Actionist


Tammy Abala celebrates a diverse ancestral heritage with connection to Iwaidja/Murran, Tiwi, Kungarakan, Torres Strait & Aussie/English. The fabric of her values woven together from extensive time in cross-cultural environments having spent much of her formative years in Arnhem Land, Darwin & Tiwi while also extending those experiences with working professionally in Perth, Adelaide, and overseas.
Action through her strong interest in the betterment of community and extensive work with youth well-being and culture programs Tammy has accomplished successive achievement through the past decade working in project development, coordination and community building.

Recognising the long term relationships with the following friends:

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